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Unique separator system from Igus

Unique separator system from Igus

Unique separator system revolutionizes e-chain harnessing

© Igus GmbH

After the E4.1L has been opened, cables and shelves can be inserted into the e-chain quickly and easily. In this way, the customer can separate the interior of the e-chain in a way that is optimal for their moving application/ © Igus GmbH

Fast harnessing saves time and money. But this is only of benefit if the energy chain to be harnessed has been optimised to this end. The E4.1L from motion plastics specialist igus is the lightest cable-carrying e-chain on the market. Thanks to the new type of separator system, individual division of the energy chain's interior is even easier for the customer.

Easy to open and fill from all sides as needed: the E4.1L offers outstanding
flexibility for harnessing. This is made possible by the unique design principles
of the e-chain. "The easy accessibility of the complete interior from both sides,
the innovative separation system with new separators and one of the fastest
opening mechanisms – these are the characteristics that make the E4.1L the echain that can be filled the fastest", said Michael Blass, Vice President e-chains
at igus. The advantage: With this energy chain, customers can reduce the
installation time by up to 80 percent".

Combination of separators and openable crossbars for faster filling

This means that it is now very easy to insert shelves on several levels for interior separation according as needed. In addition, the opening mechanism of the crossbars along the inner and outer radii guarantees fast filling with cables and hoses. These captive crossbars, which can be opened with a screwdriver, can be pivoted open to 115 degrees and latched into their final position. If necessary, they can even be removed completely, fitted again and closed by just pressing down.

The rounded edges of the crossbars and separators of the chain also ensure a long service life of hoses and cables. In addition, notches and a positioning scale enable optimum separation of the energy chain.

Everything from one source

In addition to special harnessing, the user can take advantage of igus' 20 years
of experience in this area. igus offers harnessed systems from a single source,
whether they be simple or complex, from planning and design of the energy
chain systems through to individual harnessing and on-site installation. All
moving components were developed, tested and optimised to work with each
other in igus' own test laboratory.

With these readychains, customers receive a complete and reliable pre-harnessed system direct from the manufacturer, including a guarantee. At the same time, the number of suppliers and orders can be reduced by up to 75 percent, while storage and process costs are avoided.

Source: Igus GmbH


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