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August Gundlach KG Schmelztiegelwerk
Kasseler Str. 113
37247 Großalmerode, Germany
Postfach 11 40
37243 Großalmerode, Germany

Phone: +49 5604 809-0
Fax: +49 5604 809-50

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Crucibles 1 Product
Other accessories / Melting and holding furnaces  
Refractory gating system parts  

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Mars crucibles are the product of superior raw materials, innovative technology and more than 100 years of experience in the manufacture of crucibles.

  • MARS-ISOMELT crucibles are produced by the isostatic pressing method
  • MARS ISOPRESS; the most modern forming- and manufacturing process known in the refractory industry.

Aug. Gundlach was the first producer who successfully invented the isostatic pressing and thus, still today is leading on this field.
This special pressing method was protected world-wide for AUG. GUNDLACH KG by patents.


  • energy saving through quick heating up
  • consistent heat conductivity
  • highly resistant against chemical attacks
  • little formation of slag deposits

traditionally formed graphite crucibles in standard shapes and sizes, as well as to drawing , accessories and special products for all kinds of metal and hypereutectic aluminium alloys.

Isostatically pressed Graphite-SiC-crucibles for melting and holding of aluminium, brass, for zinc distillation and use in induction furnaces

Ceramic bonded, isostatically pressed Graphite-SiC-crucibles with special glazing and double burning, mainly for melting and holding of aluminium in electric furnaces and for brass.

MARS uniCstar X
Resin-bonded, isostatically pressed heavy duty Silicon-carbide-crucibles for melting of light and heavy metals in fuel fired furnaces

MARS uniCstar XO
Resin-bonded, isostaticallly pressed heavy duty silicon-carbide-crucibles for maximum strain, melting of light and heavy metals in fuel fired furnaces, for melting of heavy metals in electric-resistance furnaces and for scrap recycling .

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