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INTECO special melting technologies GmbH
Wienerstr. 25
8600 Bruck-Mur, Austria

Phone: +43 3862 53110-0
Fax: +43 3862 53844

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Company Profile

INTECO, a system supplier of melting and remelting technology has substantially increased its business activities over the last 5 years.

For the production of big ingots for the forging industry, for the energy, aviation and other related industries INTECO is the only single source supplier worldwide capable of providing the entire process line of melting and refining such as:

  •  Melting (EAF, VIM)
  •  Refining (LF, VD/VOD – AOD, RH-VCP)
  •  Casting (Mechanized Ingot Casting, Continuous Bloom Casting, Specially Designed Vertical Slab Caster) as well as
  •  Remelting (ESR, Pressure ESR, ESRR, VAR)

Since its foundation in 1973 remelting has been one of the company's core activities and today INTECO is clearly the global No. 1 when it comes to supply of state-of-the-art or even advanced equipment and technology. In this context it is worth emphazising that over the last years INTECO was awarded with more than 60% of the projects in this field worldwide.

INTECO has currently successfully put the world's largest electro-slag remelting plants in Germany into operation. These large ingots will be mainly used for the power supply industry where highest quality steels are required. The general trend in this industry sector moves towards larger turbines operated at higher temperature to increase the efficiency and decrease the CO2 emission, respectively.