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CMI Novacast, Inc.
500 East Touhy Ave. Unit B
60018 Des Plaines, IL, USA

Phone: +1 847 699-9020
Fax: +1 847 699-9023


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Product Categories
Pouring equipment, dosing 1 Product
Pouring equipment, heated (pouring furnaces)  
Ladling and dosing equipment for die-casting  


CMI Novacast manufactures electromagnetic pumps and flowmeters for liquid metal. This technology is suitable for many metals at temperatures up to 1472� F/800� C. Utilizing no moving parts, the pumps and flowmeters create no turbulence. Originally developed for the aluminum foundry industry, CMI Novacast pumps have grown to fulfill the needs of many other metals. CMI Novacast has built pumps for aluminum, zinc, sodium, mercury, potassium, NaK, and magnesium. The pump flow rates are very controllable with instantaneous changes. The pump is computer controlled with the ability to store and recall many different profiles.