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Fondermat S.p.A.
Via Industriale Traversa I, 9
25060 Cellatica (Bs), Italy

Phone: +39 030 3732490
Fax: +39 030 3732477

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Company Profile

FONDERMAT is an industrial company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing products, systems and accessories for light alloy fusion and conduction in various transformation technologies.
Our range caters for the needs of refineries, die-casting, low pressure and gravity casting.
Founded in the 1960s, we have always focused on innovative research and dynamic operation. These factors have enabled us to grow to become one of the most important Italian businesses in our sector.
FONDERMAT's history is marked by innovation, closely linked to its ability to propose targeted solutions to cater for customer demands, facilitating foundry operations and simplifying things for those using the technology.
The love for our work, our strict technical solutions and our great industrial skill give us the knowledge needed to take on and overcome the challenges of the future.