Ambrell B. V. (Ambrell Group)

A Case Study: Induction Heating in a Fastener Manufacturing Process

Ambrell manufactures high quality induction heating equipment since 1986, however its experience reaches 45 years back. Products are CE certified and manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility to ensure the highest quality equipment. With a focus on superior heating solutions and service with a prompt response, prospective customers can leverage its Applications Lab to ensure systems are built to their heating requirements, and then rely on superior support throughout their relationship with Ambrell. Ambrell has installed over 10,000 systems in more than 50 countries and is an Ameritherm company.
Ambrell’s outstanding expertise in induction heating applications and the innovative spirit of the dynamic company prove effective for a huge variety of branches. This has been the case in one of the heat treatment applications: pre-heating for forging. Ambrell was asked to develop an induction heating process for pre-heating steel rods in a fastener manufacturing process. The manufacturer had two primary goals: reaching the temperature of 1149ºC at a 25-second cycle time. The material of the rods was steel ranging from 19 to 76 mm in diameter.
In order to fulfill the requirements, Ambrell applied its 250 kW EKOHEAT running at 4 kHz frequency induction heating system equipped with a remote workhead containing four 40μF capacitors. The process involved designing eight multiple position, multiple turn helical coils designed and developed specially for the application requirements. Initially, tests were conducted to determine the optimal way to heat steel rods evenly across the length of the rod. Once the coil design was determined, the process was designed. Eight coils were created, so eight rods could be heated to the desired temperature at the same time. This process achieved the target cycle time of 25 seconds per part.
Ambrell’s knowledge and experience in induction heating allowed for achieving even and fast heating of the steel rods. However, the customer benefited from two other, equally important features of having Ambrell as a partner in the induction heating process. Due to our engineering know-how, the manufacturer no longer needed to swap out coils to heat rods of differing diameters within a specific range, which saved considerable time. Besides, Ambrell realized the project as a true partner in an effort to design an optimal, time saving heat treatment solution.
The summary of this case study reflects the true nature of Ambrell. We are a reliable and knowledgeable partner and supplier worldwide with offices in the United States of America, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom and France, and distributors across the entire continental Europe. What makes us unique except our outstanding quality of equipment, rich application knowledge and responsiveness? The answer is service. We offer free of charge lab analysis where our experts tailor the right solution for you. Thanks to our innovative technology, capability in coil design and materials know-how we put induction heating to work for your competitive edge. Ambrell is present worldwide - we are always in the neighbourhood if you need our assistance and the right solution.