Alicon to nurture silicon carbide deposition technology in India

Till recently, the technology for
manufacturing and supply of cylinders
with internal silicon carbide deposition for
gasoline vehicles or two wheelers was not
available in India.
Silicon carbide is formed in two ways,
reaction bonding and sintering. Each
forming method greatly affects the end
microstructure. Both forms of silicon
carbide (SiC) are highly wear resistant with
good mechanical properties, including high
temperature strength and thermal shock
The Pune-based Alicon Castalloy Ltd,
a part of Alicon Group, has foreseen
the requirement of this technology. The
company worked for over two years on the
same and brought this commercial viable
solution for the OEMs in India.
Alicon Group is a global consortium of
companies involved in design, engineering,
Indsur Global Ltd, one of the leading
manufacturers of power infrastructure
castings in India, has tied up with reputed
Global Industrial Group (GIG) of Russia, a
leading power insulator manufacturer, for
long term supply of castings.
The initial commitment is for order
valued at $10 million, which will be supplied
in next 18 months. The supplies would
commence from April 2015 onwards. The
contract was agreed upon and signed
between Yaakov Denis, CEO, GIG Group
and Amit Lodha, Director, Indsur Group,
during former’s visit to India recently.
It is important to note that prior to the
arrangement, GIG Group was sourcing its
supplies from China.
Commenting on the occasion, SM
Lodha, Chairman, Indsur Group said, “We
at Indsur have always believed in raising
the bar when it comes to scale, quality
and cost efficiency. In doing so, we have
become a supplier of choice to marquee
global companies. The tie-up with GIG
Group is yet another step that proves our
commitment to sustained value creation for
our stakeholders as well as for the nation.”
He further added, “We are proud to
advocate and support Prime Minister
Narendra Modi’s call for ‘Make in India’ and
are fully committed towards establishing
India at the forefront of preferred sourcing
destinations, globally. In the past few
years, we are proud to have successfully
promoted ‘Make in India’ brand quite
casting, machining and assembly, painting
and surface treatment of aluminum
Alicon recently signed an MoU with
Athena Spa, Italy, for manufacturing and
supply of cylinders with internal silicon
carbide deposition for gasoline vehicles or
two wheelers.

Athena is well-known for production
and supply of gaskets, seal kits, rubber
parts, anti-vibration dampers, blank
metal parts, die & draw parts, moulded
rubber parts, rubber co-moulded parts,
dampeners & gaskets, plugs, flat & thermoformed
rubber parts, rubber to metal parts
Initially Alicon-Athena will use existing
Athena facility for coating at Italy till
sufficient volumes are available in India
under the responsibility of Alicon and once

numbers increase the joint venture will set
up this technology in India.
Since the past 10 year Athena has
been investing in cutting-edge technology
for manufacturing engine cylinders and
components for OEM manufacturers and
for best racing teams in world. Athena is
also rewarded by Italy’s Ministry of Industry
in 2005 for designing and subsequently
for building the most technologically
advanced nickel-silicon galvanic coating
The Motor-Nicksil is Athena’s nickelsilicon
galvanic deposit used for coating
cylinder liners which makes them hardsurfaced
and wear-resistant, thus increasing
engine life, reliability and performance.
Athena’s Engineering Unit has achieved
new cylinder honing systems, which
are able to keep constant features like
hardness, roughness, crossed-Lined, etc.