Ambrell B. V. (Ambrell Group)

Ambrell introduces EKOHEAT MODULAR

Ambrell’s New Generation of EKOHEAT

Ambrell, a manufacturer of high – quality induction heating systems, is a company with over 45 years of experience in creating innovative, versatile induction heating equipment. Our particular strength is providing solutions for tube and pipe coating, curing, pre-heating for welding, bending and other applications involving heat treatment.

We are proud to introduce Ambrell’s latest innovation - the modular EKOHEAT equipment. The company’s EKOHEAT induction heating power supplies have a rich, 45 year old history of success in providing, reliable, repeatable, fast and safe sources of heat for any industrial application. With the release of the modular EKOHEAT product line, Ambrell offers even more versatile, high power systems equipped with digital tuning for achieving improved, measurable results.

EKOHEAT technology is used worldwide with references from regarded names in tube and pipe industry. The modular systems offer the well-known reliability combined with high - level innovation. The new features involve improved power control, high-resolution display, as well as voltage, power and current control. Ambrell’s modular EKOHEAT also offer efficient heating of many part geometries, sizes and compositions, achieved by multiple capacitor configurations. The modular EKOHEAT line remains adaptable to any work environment due to the possibility for remote operation and the workheads movable up to 30 meters.

Other key benefit includes the easiness of use. Front panel controls, which include the option for system configuration, are user – friendly with the display available in seven languages. EKOHEAT equipment can also be easily adopted to the product line, as its soft start feature eliminates interference with other equipment on first switch on. Ambrell’s modular EKOHEAT power supplies are available in the range from 100 kW to 1000 kW with the frequency of 5 to 15 kHz.

Ambrell has been providing reliable solutions for tube and pipe industry for over 45 years. Our systems are installed worldwide and receive good references. This expertise, combined with company’s worldwide representation and support ensure high-quality service. Ambrell offers pre – sales support which consists of a free – of charge lab service, where the parts are extensively tested. Our experienced engineers install the equipment and offer trainings, which contributes to the value we propose. The company also provides local comprehensive after-sales support in timely manner.

The EKOHEAT induction heating systems from Ambrell provide reliable and repeatable solutions for heating with large coils or for heating larger parts. This technology improves return on investment by reducing the energy usage compared to gas-fired and resistive heating techniques. With very efficient power conversion and a power factor greater than 0.9, utility demand charges are reduced. Another reason for choosing Ambrell’s EKOHEAT equipment is that it offers a fast, precise and non-contact solution, reducing downtime and increasing process efficiency. Ambrell offers induction heating systems marked with CE and manufactured at ISO 90001:2008 certified facility. These are just several reasons for why to choose Ambrell as the supplier of induction heating solutions to any of the applications within the tube and pipe industry.