Basic entry and product categories

Basic entry

  • Free entry under the lump-sum media amount with company name, address, country, telephone, telefax, e-mail and Internet address as well as hall/stand

  • Crossmedial, i.e. for the catalogue, the Internet portal, the mobile application/app and the KATI visitor information system

Tip: Also make use of the opportunity of an entry in your online showroom.


Short entry in the product categories

  • Short entry with company name and hall/stand in the product categories of relevance to you

  • Crossmedial in all official trade fair media

Tip: Also reserve your logo in the product categories – this will make you directly recognisable.

Price: 43 € plus VAT


Entries in the online showroom of the portal

  • Presentation of your company complete with company profile and corporate data

  • Publication of current information on your company that is featured in the News section of the trade fair

  • Entry of contact persons and the possibility of making appointments during the fair

  • Publication of detailed product information on each product category ordered

Simply log in with your exhibitor access data – you can update all data at any time

Tip: Upgrade your entry in the online showroom through the publication of a video. We shall gladly support you with preparation.

Price: 0 €
The costs for entry in the Online Showroom are included in the flat-rate media fee.