Foseco Foundry Division Vesuvius GmbH

Binders for Iron, Steel and Aluminium Foundries

At the show, Foseco is highlighting a diverse range of binders that fulfil the needs of all foundry production processes. This will be achieved through the presentation of individual binder solutions for the production of automotive, marine engineering and steel castings. Intelligent, customized solutions help customers to save resources and increase the efficiency of their casting production, and examples of this will be demonstrated through specific case studies.

Specific focus will be given to environmentally compliant solutions and the launch of a newly developed, fully inorganic binder system which is suitable for the manufacture of highly complex automotive castings such as cylinder heads or motor blocks. In contrast to conventional organic systems the new inorganic binder system does not release any harmful emissions and contributes both to the well-being of the foundry employees and the protection of the local environment.

(Photo will follow soon)

Contact Person:

Alexander Schrey; European Product Manager Binder Systems

Tel: +49 151 1671 4680 / Email: alexander.schrey@foseco.com