Ambrell B. V. (Ambrell Group)

Brazing steel bits with induction: a case study

Picture 1: Ambrell’s EASYHEAT 10 kW induction heater with a workhead and a work coil.

Ambrell’s outstanding expertise in induction heating applications and the innovative spirit of the dynamic company prove effective heating solutions for a huge variety of branches. This has been the case in optimization of the brazing process for one of our customers, a company active in the oil and gas industry. This company turned to Ambrell with a question of doubling their production rate. Induction heating achieved that objective by 250% efficiency increase. And here is how.

The steel bits had various diameters and needed to be heated to the temperature of 704°C for the purpose of brazing. The resulting joint needed to be strong and clean. For that purpose, Ambrell pre-fluxed the bits. Afterwards, braze rings were placed around the joint area of each part.
In order to fulfill the requirements, Ambrell applied its 10 kW EASYHEAT 8310 LI (Picture 1) induction heating system equipped with a remote workhead containing two 1.0μF capacitors. Our lab engineers designed and developed a single position channel coil tailored for this application. Steel bits heated up to the temperature of 704°C in just 30 seconds evenly, in order to be cooled and rinsed with hot water.

Our customer achieved a very impressive efficiency increase rate by using Ambrell’s induction heating solution. The short process example illustrates numerous advantages of the use of induction heating in metal joining applications, such as brazing. Beyond the speed of heating and the increased production rate, induction heating offered other benefits. Ambrell’s induction heating solutions provide instant start up time requiring little power, accuracy and versatility during the heating process and even distribution of heat. More importantly, induction heating is a clean source of energy which can be easily integrated into existing automated systems.

Ambrell crafts the induction heating solutions to your needs. We have over 45 years of experience with a huge variety of induction heating applications. What makes us unique except our outstanding quality of equipment, rich application knowledge and responsiveness? The answer is service. We offer free of charge lab analysis where our experts tailor the right solution for you. Thanks to our innovative technology, capability in coil design and materials know-how we put induction heating to work for your advantage. Ambrell is present worldwide - we are always in the neighbourhood if you need our assistance and the right solution.