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Coil handling in the metal processing industry

swiveling table with the split ring

Premiere at Metec:
hpl-Neugnadenfelder: Floating coils

Coil-Hover automates coil handling after slitting process

Ringe-Neugnadenfeld/Germany, 17 February 2015 hpl-Neugnadenfelder Maschinenfabrik presents the new handling system „Coil-Hover“ for the first time at the upcoming Metec 2015 in Dusseldorf, Germany. It simplifies and accelerates the handling of split rings. Since only a vacuum or magnetic forces are applied to the split rings, their transport from the turnstile to the storage area bears practically no risk of damage to the material. The largely automated operation reduces personnel costs: only one person operates the complete machine.

The Coil-Hover largely automates the separation of coils and their take over from the turnstile as well as their tilting, strapping and further transport to the storage area. The core of this new system is a swiveling table on slides, superseding the use of a commonly used crane. Up to 60 split rings per hour can be handled using the version with two Coil-Hovers and two strapping tables.

The Coil-Hover avoids any damages of the coil edges or surfaces since only magnetic forces or a vacuum are applied to hold the coil on the swiveling table – they are “floating” from the turnstile to the storage area.

hpl-Neugnadenfelder Maschinenfabrik at Metec
16th to 20th June 2015 in Dusseldorf, Germany:

Hall 3, booth no. F54