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Crescent Foundry Vacuum Moulding Line Goes Live

Vacuum Moulding Counterweights

We are happy to announce that our vacuum moulding line is now live & the first production run is completed successfully. The surface finish and the tolerance levels achieved by the system are exceptional & the manpower has been reduced to a great extent. Planning for expansion of the line from 20 mould boxes to 40 mould boxes has already begun (Box Size: 1700*1400*500/400mm). The production rate achievable by the present system is 5/6 moulds per hour with a maximum single piece casting weight of 2000 kgs.


A counterweight is an equivalent counterbalancing weight that balances a load.

A counterweight is often used in traction lifts (elevators), cranes and funfair rides. In these applications, the expected load multiplied by the distance that load will be spaced from the central support (called the "tipping point") must be equal to the counterweight's mass times its distance from the tipping point in order to prevent over-balancing either side. This distance times mass is called the load moment.

Crescent Foundry makes Counterweights in Grey Iron (GG20 / GG25) in sizes from 200 kg to 2000 kgs using state of the art vacuum moulding line (hyperlinked) and hand moulding line which are used in a wide range of sectors worldwide.