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Dynamic Inoculation for Iron Foundries

Foseco’s Dynamic Inoculation MSI +DC

The manufacturing cost of ductile Iron castings is a major limiting factor for foundries to compete against alternative materials such as welded components or steel castings.

Dynamic Inoculation offers foundries the opportunity to minimise inoculation costs and to achieve consistent iron casting physical properties.

A new Dynamic Inoculation process from Foseco features an active INOCULIN ferro-silicon alloy dispensing system called MSI+DC that utilizes a state-of-the-art visual sensing system, MSI VISION, for validating and controlling the dispensing rate of INOCULIN ferro-silicon alloys. MSI+DC and MSI VISION can be joined with ITACA thermal analysis system to validate the effectiveness of the inoculation process and the micor-structure tendency to optimize the rate of inoculation in real time.

Dynamic Inoculation is a key component of a broader Metallurgical Solutions portfolio from Foseco that also includes the INITEK ductile iron treatment process, dynamic bulk ferro-alloy dispensing system, and temperature control systems.


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