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Feeding and Filtration for Aluminium Foundries

SIVEX Filter Application for Gravity Die


The use of standard insulating sleeves in Aluminium foundries is well known and understood. The complex design of castings today coupled to a much higher quality requirement requires a more sophisticated solution to gating and feeding.

Foseco is able to offer highly insulating sleeves which adapt exactly to the contour of the casting itself, sometimes even forming the casting shape locally. These sleeves can be placed in positions where it was previously found impossible to apply a sleeve and so feed metal can be brought deep into the thicker sections of the casting.

As a result reject rates can be significantly reduced and productivity increased.

SIVEX Filters

The methoding area will highlight the optimal use of foam filters, die coating and feeding systems in sand and gravity die casting applications. Applications will be shown for aluminium and copper base castings demonstrating excellent yield combined with improved casting quality.

New case studies of a filter and sleeve combination with conventional running and gating systems used in high quality, technically demanding applications will be displayed.


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Arndt Fröscher; European Product Manager Non Ferrous Methoding

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