Spicer Gelenkwellenbau GmbH

GWB (China) Service workshop has been opened in location WUXI

Our new Wuxi center is dedicated to manufacturing GWB driveshafts and servicing customers in China. Based on a track record of quality performance and global innovation, we continuously build on the GWB German foundation as a premier manufacturer that employs the latest technology. Highly trained local engineering staff at the Wuxi center will enable us to quickly design and manufacture products demanded by Chinese customers. At our Wuxi facility, trained personnel build and maintain the quality of GWB driveshafts through state-of-the-art
assembly procedures, rigorous testing, and meticulous inspection processes. We are equipped to provide
a full range of capabilities including new driveshaft production, as well as refurbishing, maintaining, and
repairing service units.