Godfrey & Wing, Inc.

Godfrey & Wing Expands to the EU

Godfrey & Wing Inc. continues their global expansion into Europe with the formation of Godfrey & Wing GmbH.

With over 60 years of experience, Godfrey & Wing is recognized as a global leader in vacuum impregnation science and technology. Godfrey & Wing’s extensive process knowledge has driven innovations such as the Continuous Flow Impregnation and Water Recovery and Reuse systems. Both have enabled companies to increase their yield of pressure tight components while significantly lowering their operating costs.

In addition, Godfrey & Wing formulates and manufactures impregnation sealants that are not only approved by most OEM and military specifications, but have been proven over decades of use. Godfrey & Wing supports our sealant and equipment with a global network of factory-trained technicians and process engineers, enabling our customers to optimize their impregnation equipment, sealants and processes.

For more information about Godfrey & Wing, please visit our website at www.godfreywing.com, or contact the following company representatives who will be attending GIFA.

Tom Shantz, Sales Manager
Godfrey & Wing Inc.
Tel: +1.330.562.1440
Fax: +1.330.562.1510

Ralf Versmold, Managing Director
Godfrey & Wing GmbH
Tel: +49 2864 9599 000
Fax: +49 2864 9599 999