Godfrey & Wing, Inc.

Godfrey & Wing Inc. Installs Eight Systems in Q4 2014

Companies across the country and around the globe are selecting Godfrey & Wing Inc. technology to seal performance into their high value cast components.

In order to meet increasingly tight specifications and improve quality and throughput, manufacturers are seeking impregnation technology that delivers exceptional sealing and, at the same time, eliminates any risk of handling damage or contamination on their valuable, machined cast components. Manufacturers have found that insourcing the vacuum impregnation increases their competitiveness by driving down the total cost of manufacturing, shortening supply lines and keeping their parts in their own care, custody and control.

GW’s compact, modular impregnation technology enables OEMs and sub-tier suppliers to quickly and easily incorporate insourced impregnation into their normal work flow. Installation is a snap with single point utility hook-ups, pre-programmed controls and unitized manufacturing. With 65 years of experience in vacuum impregnation, GW provides complete training and documentation to help you get started and stay in control.

Automotive manufacturers continue to choose Godfrey & Wing’s HVLV modular impregnation system because of its small footprint, robust processing and stingy use of resources. Four HVLVs were recently purchased by OEMs in the United States and Europe.

The Ecoseal, GW’s newest impregnation system, has an even smaller footprint than the HVLV but includes many of the same features, such as a lower cost to operate and wet vacuum or dry vacuum options. The Ecoseal is ideal for commercial OEMs requiring smaller volumes and smaller components. Two Ecoseals were recently purchased by a large manufacturer/ distributor and a global metal powder company.

Godfrey & Wing Inc. continues to support manufacturers’ requirements for refurbished and reconditioned systems. GW’s engineering and manufacturing team completely rebuilt two batch impregnation systems, re-engineering and modifying the units to meet the companies’ individual requirements.

As the economy rebounds, the rapid growth in manufacturing, especially in the automotive sector, has lead manufacturers worldwide to investigate and, in many cases, incorporate vacuum impregnation into their in-house production. GW provides a range of engineered solutions including its fully robotic Continuous Flow Impregnation technology (CFi), the modular HVLV and the compact EcoSeal systems.

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