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Godfrey & Wing Invited to BMW Technology Day Event

Godfrey & Wing’s Continuous Flow Impregnation (CFi) and HVLV Front Load Impregnation continue to deliver unparalleled results. With over 35 installations in North America, Asia and Europe, these high performance single piece flow systems are demonstrating that OEMs and Tier One suppliers can significantly reduce the cost of vacuum impregnation while increasing their yield of pressure tight parts. The highly effective dry vacuum and pressure process employed by the CFi and HVLV remains the preferred method for sealing high performance, lightweight powertrains and difficult to seal components such as air conditioning compressors.

Through the application of single piece manufacturing and precise process controls, GW has taken a process (vacuum impregnation) previously thought to be unreliable and inefficient and transformed it into a valuable tool for powertrain design engineers. The CFi/HVLV equipment design allows OEMs and Tier One suppliers to incorporate vacuum impregnation into their facilities saving millions of dollars annually in processing costs.

Recently, Godfrey & Wing was invited to present the CFi Technology at the BMW Technology Day at the BMW Group Research and Innovation Center in Munich, Germany on November 20, 2014. Only 20 companies in North America were selected by BMW.

The objective of the event is to offer NAFTA companies the opportunity to present innovative designs, processes and services to BMW engineers, purchasers, designers, and quality engineers in the areas of lightweight construction, materials and design, efficient dynamics/ electromobility, connected drive and driver/passenger interface. Godfrey & Wing was selected to review vehicle lightweighting opportunities through the CFi/HVLV impregnation process. The CFi/HVLV technology gives powertrain engineers the ability to reduce component weight by allowing them to design thinner walled components without forsaking pressure retention requirements.

Godfrey & Wing was honored to be selected to participate in the BMW Technology Day and looks forward to making significant contributions to the design and profitability goals of BMW customers and prospects.

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