Seven Refractories d.o.o.

INDIA: Seven presents at the 4th International Conference on Refractories in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, India

India’s leading role in core industries like steel and ceramic is undisputed, making the country the ideal host for the 4th International Conference on Refractories.

„The international steel producers are making continuous efforts to make their production cost effective to market the product at a competitive price. Refractories play a significant role in many core industries, particularly in the iron and steel industries, which alone accounts for consumption of nearly 70 per cent of the total refractories produced“, stresses Vini Bhagat, manager at Tata steel, one of the organizers of the conference. „The objective is to evolve a technology road map which will indicate the steps to be taken by the steel industry to move forward from present to future for global competitiveness.”

In the conference, Seven Refractories presented its ground-braking „Seven Traceability System“ (STS), a highly integrated supply chain method.

„The example clearly showed the audience how a highly integrated quality control system can be run“, explains Giuliano Copetti, Group Technical Manager and Seven’s representative at the Jamshedpur conference. „Most companies have at least some sort of way to track their logistic information: production dates, pallet numbers, and so forth. We have taken it a huge step further. Our STS enables us to link these data with chemical and mineralogical information as well as laboratory results ensuring 100 percent traceability of raw material. In combination with our expert knowledge, this provides the basis for highly sophisticated quality assurance and better customer service.“