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ITACA* - Thermal Analysis System for Iron Foundries

Thermal Analysis System for Iron Foundries

ITACA thermal analysis systems help foundries monitor metallurgical process prerformance by analysing base and final iron quality.

ITACA Melt Deck minimises variances in base iron by providing the operator information necessary to adjust the characteristics of iron within predetermined process specifications. It provides real time measurement of %Ceq, %C, %Si and the nucleation status of the iron.

ITACA 8 provides real time measurement of the metallurgical quality of the final iron to provide a prediction of defect formation tendency and as-cast mechanical properties.

Real savings arise from a reduction in the cost of the charge and in the cost of metallurgical additives, a lower scrap rate, and improvements in the quality and consistency of castings.

ITACA thermal analysis systems enhance the performance and value of the Metallurgical Solutions portfolio from Foseco.

*ITACA is a product of ProService srl, Padua, Italy


Contact Person:

Bruno Bernard; European Application Specialist - FMT

Tel. +33 164 73 5565 / bruno.bernard@foseco.com