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Induction heating from Ambrell in action: gear hardening for the automotive industry

Gear hardening & quenching

Ambrell manufactures high quality induction heating equipment since 1986, however its experience reaches 45 years back. Products are CE certified and manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility to ensure the highest quality equipment. With a focus on superior heating solutions and service with a prompt response, prospective customers can leverage its Applications Lab to ensure systems are built to their heating requirements, and then rely on superior support throughout their relationship with Ambrell. Ambrell has installed over 10,000 systems in more than 50 countries and is an Ameritherm company.
Ambrell’s outstanding expertise in induction heating applications and the innovative spirit of the dynamic company prove effective for a huge variety of branches. This has been the case in of hardening of teeth on a steel motorcycle gear. The gear was made from carbon steel with 175 mm diameter. Our customer wanted Ambrell to run the tests on the application with the following parameters: the hardness of 48 – 55 HRC needed to be reached at the temperature of 1093 °C with the frequency of 78 kHz.
In order to fulfill the requirements, Ambrell applied its 90 kW EKOHEAT induction heating system equipped with a remote workhead containing eight 1.0μF capacitors for a total of 8 μF. Our lab engineers designed and developed a coil specifically tailored for this application. During the process, a single turn helical coil is used to heat the gear. The gear was placed on a spindle and rotated at 300-350 RPM’s. Heat was applied for 10 seconds to reach the desired hardness. The gear is immediately quenched to remove the heat, dried and then coated with a lubricant.
Our customer achieved the efficiency increase rate of 40% by using Ambrell’s induction heating solution. The short process example illustrates numerous advantages of the use of induction heating in the automotive industry. Ambrell’s induction heating solutions provide instant start up time requiring little power, accuracy and versatility during the heating process and even distribution of heat. More importantly, induction heating is a clean source of energy which can be easily integrated into existing automated systems. The EKOHEAT modular power supplies, Ambrell’s latest innovation, are easy to operate. Equipped to operate over a broad frequency range (1-100 kHz), EKOHEAT is ideal for heating parts of many geometries and compositions with excellent power control within 25W resolution. All in all, Ambrell provides the automotive industry with cost-saving, effective solutions for a huge variety of heat – treatment applications.
Ambrell crafts the induction heating solutions to your needs. We are a reliable partner and supplier worldwide with offices in the United States of America, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom and France, and distributors across the entire continental Europe. What makes us unique except our outstanding quality of equipment, rich application knowledge and responsiveness? The answer is service. We offer free of charge lab analysis where our experts tailor the right solution for you. Thanks to our innovative technology, capability in coil design and materials know-how we put induction heating to work for your competitive edge. Ambrell is present worldwide - we are always in the neighbourhood if you need our assistance and the right solution.