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Düsseldorf 10 June 2015

Florian Hartung, CEO, INFUSER Deutschland GmbH, in conversation

Question: "Mr Hartung, what is the CLIMATIC® system?"

Florian Hartung: "The CLIMATIC is a new, patented system for purifying exhaust air, which is able to reduce pollutant emissions from industrial facilities by close to 100%. Developed jointly with the University of Copen¬hagen, Denmark, the CLIMATIC sys¬tem accelerates the natural cleaning process of the earth's atmosphere by a hundred thousand times, using a com¬pact reactor. For example, CLIMATIC systems can be deployed in foundries to extract the amines, phenols, formaldehyde and BTEX from the exhaust air occurring in core ma-king."

Question: "What is the principle by which the CLIMATIC system works?"

Florian Hartung: "The CLIMATIC system was developed jointly with the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and it works according to a simple system. The principle simulates the natural cleaning process of the earth's atmosphere. The process is triggered by ultraviolet radiation and causes OH radicals to form. These react with the volatile organic compounds and form larger particles as soon as they encounter naturally occurring compounds such as ozone. These particles are flushed out of the atmosphere by the rain, and this is also simulated in the CLIMATIC system. The process, also referred to by scientists as atmospheric-photochemical acceleration, sustainably removes contamination and is also highly economical with energy."

Question: "What are the benefits of the CLIMATIC system compared with scrubbers and filters based on active carbon or coke that have been in common use until now?"

Florian Hartung: "Companies employing our system will score highly in terms of environ-mental protection and fulfilment of the stringent emissions regulations. This is of particular relevance in Germany with respect to the new technical instructions on air quality (TA Luft), which are currently being drawn up and are due to come into force in 2017.
With the conventional procedure, the hazardous substances remain preserved in their chemical composition, which means that filters must be disposed of very carefully using a

complex process. In the CLIMATIC system, only very fine particles remain, in a form that occurs naturally in the atmosphere and does not constitute any danger at all to man or the environment.
Moreover, the CLIMATIC system offers companies considerable cost benefits, not only in terms of investment but also in terms of energy and running costs. The atmospheric-photochemical process requires far less energy than conventional methods, because it functions on the basis of natural chemical reactions."

Question: "What other economic benefits can you offer your customers?"

Florian Hartung: "Having our head office in Denmark enables us to offer our customers very interesting financing models that do not unduly affect their liquidity. INFUSER is supported by several sources, both private and public, in the development of its innovative and environmentally friendly products. This aid also extends to the area of Danish export financing, something that international companies, including German firms, can benefit from directly."

Question: "In what fields can the CLIMATIC system be employed?"

Florian Hartung: "In the foundry industry, the CLIMATIC system can be employed for example in core making as well as in moulding plants.
The CLIMATIC system can actually be used throughout the entire metal-processing industry, as well as in plastic-processing operations or during coating procedures in paint-spray facilities, in which high levels of VOC contamination occur. Companies whose activities create unpleasant odours, such as breweries, sewage treatment facilities and biogas plants also stand to benefit from the CLIMATIC system. And in buildings with ventilation systems, it can be used to clean pollen, spores and dust particles from the air. "

Question: "Where is the CLIMATIC system currently being used?"

Florian Hartung: "The first place anywhere in the world that the CLIMATIC system was installed was at the Jysk Miljoerens industrial facility in Aarhus, Denmark. Another CLIMATIC system has been installed on the premises of the feedstuff manufacturer, Fermen¬ta¬tion-experts AS. An extensive, scientifically evaluated test is currently being conducted at a large foundry in Germany. Here, the CLIMATIC system is being employed to great success in conjunction with the cold box system from Hüttenes Albertus."

Question: "Can companies test the system?"

Florian Hartung: "We offer interested companies mobile test facilities to enable them to examine the system's cleaning capability for their specific requirements during ongoing operation. When performing at its optimum level, the CLIMATIC system economically cleans the air of just about all organic substances, with very few exceptions."

Question: "How is a project like this actually conducted?"

Florian Hartung: "First, the exhaust air of the facility is analysed. On the basis of this analysis we can draw up a guide price offer. In a second step, an on-site test is performed, after which the offer can be either confirmed or amended. The test system is currently in use throughout Europe, which means that any company wishing to use the facility must plan about four weeks in advance."

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“A novel Emissions Control System for the Reduction of Air Pollutants in Flue Gases from Foundries“ with Prof. Dr. P. Wiesen, University of Wuppertal, Germany and Prof. M. S. Johnson, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, on 19 June at 14.45 o´clock in Hall 13 C 38.

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