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Foseco’s INITEK process for ductile iron

The manufacturing cost of ductile Iron castings is a major limiting factor for foundries to compete against alternative materials such as welded components or steel castings.

The Foseco INITEK process can enable your Foundry to produce the metallurgical properties and quality ductile iron castings demanded by your customers at a lower cost and with greater productivity.

The INITEK process addresses the inherent problems of conventional ductile iron production by eliminating the undesirable side effects of the inescapable, but harmful addition of Mg into the metallic matrix (carbide promoter / dross generator).

The INITEK process permits a significant reduction of Mg alloy addition and ensures a consistent, reliable, and productive nucleation event. Furnace and pouring temperatures are brought back to grey iron operating temperatures generating savings across the whole casting process.

The INITEK process is part of the Foseco Ferrous Melt Shop (FMS) concept for improved quality, productivity and melt capacity. This concept includes and combines the benefits of a thermal analysis device (ITACA), and a new "state-of-the-art" metal stream inoculation technology (MSI DC+) framing the potential for increased metallurgical process control in the melt shop.


Contact Person:

Robert Schneider / Commercial & Marketing Manager – Global INITEK Team

Tel.+1 636 978 6363 / Email: robert.schneider@foseco.com