Sermas Industrie

Micro-spraying lubrication inovation

Sermalube box for optimal lubrication

The micro-lubrication system SERMALUBE® has been designed and developed by SERMAS® for optimum lubrication for high-speed cutting applications (sheet, plate, ingot, billets) and surfacing aluminum plates.

The SERMALUBE® technology incorporates a 5L-pressurized-oil tank supplying a minimum and constant volume of oil (from 2.5 to 26 cm3/min), precisely controlled manually or automatically by interfacing with the device control of the machine.

SERMALUBE® is equipped with all components for easy integration with compressed air supply (4/6 bars - 20 NL/min) and includes its spraying nozzles device adapted to the considered sawing configuration.

SERMALUBE® is compliant with semi-automatic or automatic tank-filling solutions proposed by SERMAS®.

The material is delivered with a descriptive sheet giving all necessary information for quick installation by the user.

SERMAS® also offers on-site commissioning to ensure the best results with SERMALUBE® system.