Spicer Gelenkwellenbau GmbH

New Bearing design - The maintenance interval has doubled - Service-free cardan shaft

Spicer GWB introduced a new, innovative, sealing process for the 390.60 and 392.55 series cardan shafts. In our series 390.70 and 392.65 the new innovative design will go into test period shortly. Following an evaluation period, plans are in place to make additional series available as well.
This new design decreases annual maintenance interval by 50%, requiring bearing lubrication every 12 months, verses 6. As an alternative, the new design can also be installed as a service-free (lube for life) product. This means, no required lubrication maintenance for a defined period of operation, and thus, no lubrication costs.
The new GWB journal cross design has performed impressively in extensive laboratory tests, including, among others, the mud bath and grease loss analysis test and it has proven itself, in the harshest real world conditions.
The service-free bearing design can be built with central or 4-point lubrication, on request. For guaranteed top performance, it is imperative that the GWB recommended special grease be used at every lubing.