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New Monoblock design

Monoblock concerter

Within the last months of 2014th TET Estel has designed, produced and successfully tested the Monoblock Power Supply unit (MPS) for vacuum induction furnace. To the moment, unit was already put into operation.
The Monoblock design of the power supply offers several advantages. Since it reduces the amount of units to be placed, it simplifies the engineering design of foundry, including less communications, and due to smaller footprint, also requires less space. The IP degree (up to IP54) allows equipment to be placed close to furnaces, reducing power losses due shorter power lines and buses.
The MPS combines the TFC series thyristor frequency converter, set of electrothermal capacitors, choke, matching transformer (to provide galvanic isolation between furnace coil and power supply and match voltage levels) and closed-loop water cooling station with „water-water“ heat exchanger – all in one cabinet. Cooling station provides cooling of power elements with distilled water, what positively affects the reliability and increases the service life of electrotechnical equipment.
Since TET Estel has induction furnace sets in its product range as a serial product, the Monoblock design would be a useful addition to both Vacuum and Open-type induction furnaces and would possibly replace current multi-unit design of equipment, where the TFC, Capacitor block and cooling station were supplied as different units.