IntelMet Technologies Ltd.

New marking system for plates marking

The newly developed Combined Marking Machine IntelMark AS-W PE for plates was successfully commissioned in February 2015 at the Ural Steel.

This new system based on 6-x axis industrial robot and combines several marking technologies - paint marking, dot-pin stamping for datamatrix codes and alphanumeric information, solid stamping for logos and special characters and plate edge marking by high-temperature metal tags with barcode.

Еhis is the first machine of this type in the world combining all types of marking in a single unit mounted on the robot and able to perform all kinds of marking in a single marking cycle.

Another unique feature of the machine that it's able to work in very wide temperature range - one system could mark plate with temperature from - 45°C (plates arriving to marking position from open plate yard in winter period) up to +650°C (for plates after hot levelling).

This is another step towards our portfolio expansion to meet all customer requirements.