James Durrans & Sons Ltd.

News in the area of Recarburisers

The James Durrans Group has taken another step towards by offering from now on even more efficient raw materials for the recarburisation in iron- and steel foundries as well as in steel works suitable for all common application forms. This extended product group includes materials based on electrode graphite, petroleum cokes and all other current recarburisers. Our main focus lays – as well as previously – on the aspects of output, solubility, sulfur content and grain size with an improved adding value through sourcing- and processing efficiency that comes together with a high product quality.
All of our Recarburisers are carefully checked at all of our production sites through a close quality management system, which is audited and certified.
Further our sales team has been strengthened and is looking forward to new challenges and the potential cost reduction for the existing and certainly growing customer base.