Sermas Industrie

Pointing saw for Copper profiles

Semi-automatic appointing saw for copper

SERMAS has developed a standalone saw to cut copper beams to be rolled.
The edge of copper beams after extrusion has to be cut by pointing it in order to easy the rolling process (insertion in the rolling machine).
The saw is designed to cut the edge of copper beams by machining it at required shape. It is performed manually by the operator using the rotation of the band saw.

Type of saw:
- band saw with 2 wheels of 750mm diameter and xxxx height of 300 mm
- blade motor of 11kW with adjustable cutting speed 800-2200 m/min
- blade 27x0.9 mm
- lubrication system: spraying nozzles
- control panel including all controls and footswitch

Rotation of the sawing head: -30° to +30°

Sawing table:
- Adjustable vertical position (100 mm stroke)
- Adjustable lateral position (300 mm stroke)

Products to be cut:
- Copper alloys
- Max section: 250x200mm
- Length: 4-12 m
- Max weight: 550 kg

Chips suction system

Benefits of the machine and service: integration into existing plant/process, Turn-key project, Operators safety, Process optimization