Press tour of the “Bright World of Metals” with GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and Newcast 2015

Control system for rolling mills

A real control system enables visitors to METEC 2015 to control the entire production of heavy plate structures in a rolling mill and to analyse the processes. The processes are controlled via a joystick while watching the simulation in the rolling mill.

The SMS Group is one of the leading suppliers of metallurgical system solutions in the steel and non-ferrous metal industry. (Hall 5/22, the SMS Group has another stand at GIFA in Hall 10/H41, contact for the press: Thilo Sagermann)

50-tonne furnace is being transported to Saudi Arabia after GIFA

One of the heaviest exhibits at GIFA/THERMPROCESS has already been sold to Saudi Arabia. Once the “Bright World of Metals” 2015 is over, the 50-tonne induction furnace manufactured by the Dortmund company ABP is being shipped to Rabigh in Saudi Arabia. It will be able to make about 35 tonnes of steel in 40 minutes there as part of a construction steel production facility.

ABP Induction is one of the world market leaders for induction equipment and services for the foundry, forging and steel industries. The company’s high-tech plants go all over the world from the production works in Dortmund. ABP has locations in the USA, Sweden, Mexico, Thailand, India, China, South Africa and Russia.

(ABP Induction Systems at GIFA/THERMPROCESS in Hall 10/A42, Dr Wolfgang Andrée is the contact for the press)

Racing car demonstrates the versatility of foundry engineering

The Swiss die casting company Bühler is using an authentic racing car to demonstrate the variety of different car parts that are produced with the help of foundry engineering. Visitors can move along the racing car using an impressive virtual presentation and are given a good insight into what is inside the car and the parts that are produced on the company’s foundry machines.

Bühler Die Casting is a prominent global supplier of lightweight aluminium solutions for the automotive industry, which it helps to reduce CO2 emissions. About 20 per cent of all vehicles have engine blocks manufactured on Bühler equipment.

(Bühler at GIFA in Hall 11/A42, Sina Brülisauer is the contact for the press)

Live production of small blue racing cars

Small, inorganically manufactured castings in the form of little blue racing cars are being produced directly at GIFA. In doing this, the company ASK from Hilden in Germany is highlighting very convincingly the environmental advantages of inorganic bonding systems over organic processes. Visitors can even smell this immediately, because the blue racing cars are already completely odour-free right after production.

ASK Chemicals is an inorganic pioneer with its INOTEC technology. This technology is suitable for aluminium and iron casting as well as non-ferrous metal casting and proves to be particularly effective in such highly productive and demanding areas as the manufacturing of engine blocks and cylinder heads in the automotive industry. (ASK Chemicals, Hall 12/A22, Andrea Ferkinhoff is the contact for the press)

WesPe – the wind generator for the garden

The little wind generator for the garden looks really cute with its wasp shape. Private users would have to pay between € 30,000 and 40,000 for their own wind generator to produce electricity. The WesPe on the stand of the industry association bdguss is a very distinctive example of the varied uses to which castings can be put.

bdguss is based in Hall 13, where it will be holding a large number of presentations about casting issues and where the GIFA Conference with high-quality lectures and discussion forums is taking place: Manuel Bosse is the contact for the press.

GIFA – trade fair for large plants

One of the features of GIFA is the presentation of large plants. This trade fair boasts not only information stands but also numerous manufacturers of foundry machines who are bringing complete plants with them that are up to 10 m high. Some examples are the blasting and scrap processing plants from Rump, the sandblasting equipment from the Italian IMF Group and the casting machines from Kurtz Esra, on which two engine blocks can be produced at the same time in five to six minutes in a single operation.

(Rump Hall 15/E28, IMF Group Hall 15/F16, Kurtz Esra Hall 15/H30)

Wild and fast or gentle and smooth – industrial robots

The robot and plant manufacturer Kuka from Augsburg in Germany is not only presenting robots at GIFA. Visitors who are interested in being shaken about at five different speed levels can go for a ride on the Robocoaster – there is a “gentle” setting for beginners. Robocoasters from Kuka can be found – among other places – at Legoland in Günzburg / Germany as well as at amusement parks in the USA, Dubai, Denmark and Paris. A robot with an almost feminine shape that moves gracefully and smoothly makes a sensitive impression by comparison.

KUKA Industries is a system integrator with global operations that acts as a general contractor to supply comprehensive solutions from a single source, in which all the machine and automation components are integrated.

(KUKA Industries Hall 16/A57, Laura Schwarzbach is the contact for the press)

Cast manhole covers specially for the 2018 football World Cup in Russia

The Czech foundry Kasi has designed and produced special manhole covers for the 2018 football World Cup in Russia on a foundry machine from Heinrich Wagner Sinto (Bad Laasphe in Germany). The sewers at all the 12 venues (2 in Moscow, Kazan, Saransk, Volgograd, Novgorod, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Rostov, Yekaterinburg and Sochi) are being fitted with these special manhole covers. The artistically designed castings present the logo of the football World Cup and are equipped with a special security lock.

Sinto is a market leader in the foundry industry and supplies forming and casting machines and equipment

(Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik, Hall 17/B20, Stefan Geisweid is the contact)

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