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Raydne unveils futuristic vision of induction power supply at THERMPROCESS/ GIFA in Duesseldorf, Germany

Radyne Corporation, an Inductotherm Group company, unveils its 5KW, 100-400kHz future concept Induction Power Supply, the Versapower® - Xtreme™ VX5H at the Inductotherm Group Booth, Hall 10 Stand B24. The concept system is based on Radyne’s new Digital-iQ™ Control Technology allowing incredible ease of use, advanced communication, control and programming features previously unseen in Induction Power Supplies.

The Versapower® - Xtreme™ complements Radyne’s existing Versapower® Induction Power Supply Line providing a premium Induction Power Supply for the discerning customer who needs its advanced features, rugged design, and outstanding speed. The System’s Digital-iQ™ technology is 100% Digital and allows it ramp from 0-100% of rated power in under 500 microseconds. Radyne intends to release the Versapower® - Xtreme™ line to the market in Q4 2011 in North America and the rest of the world in mid - 2012. The first in the lineup will be 5, 10, 25, and 50 kW units with a frequency range of 100-400kHz, following this will come the 20-60kHz and 50-200kHz lines in 2012.
Justin Mortimer, President/CEO of Radyne Corporation said, “We’re pleased to bring a consumer electronics ease-of-use focus together with the Rugged, Dependable, Disciplined Engineering Driven Culture of the Inductotherm Group”. “What we’ve got here truly represents the future and it’s just one of many ways the Inductotherm Group is investing in maintaining its product leadership role in the Induction Thermal Processing Industry”, said Gary Doyon, CEO of the Inductotherm Group.

About Radyne Corporation
Radyne Corporation designs, manufactures, and services a wide range of Induction Power Supplies and Specialized Thermal Processing Equipment for a diverse range of applications and industries including: Aerospace, Automotive, Mining, Agriculture, Communications, Construction, Semiconductor, Munitions, Electronics, Transportation, Water, Oil, and Gas Transmission and many others.
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About the Inductotherm Group

The Inductotherm Group is comprised of 40 companies worldwide, including Radyne Corporation, who are all leaders in Thermal Processing Systems and Equipment. Global yet Local, Inductotherm Group Companies bring best in class value to give its customers the competitive edge world wide.
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