Seven Refractories d.o.o.

Recycling Certificate Successfully Renewed

Recycling Certificate by REPASACK/Germany

Seven Refractories has firmly committed itself to environmentally friendly behavior. The successful renewal of the Recycling Certificate for 2014 confirms our stance for the environment.

Also this year Seven Refractories received a Recycling Certificate for the year 2014 for the recycling of kraft paper sacks and bags. The certificate was once again issued by German REPASACK and confirms that the requirements of the Packaging Ordinance are fulfilled.
The environmentally responsible handling of production waste confirms Seven’s commitment to protecting nature and preserving resources.

One of Seven Refractories’ core value is environmental awareness. This value does not only show in our product portfolio and our production practice, but in our everyday work life.

In terms of performance and environmentally friendly products, SEVEN offers an innovative range of high-performing resin bonded tap hole clays. The tap hole clays are not only high-performing, but also boast the lowest concentration of Benzo-α-pyren. Due to intense research, SEVEN has managed to dramatically reduce the concentration value and even exceed the limits set forth by the German Ordinance without compromising on product performance.

In addition, the production plant in Divača/Slovenia has a solar photo-voltaic roof , making the location autonomous when it comes to electric energy.

“Many companies claim to have environmentally friendly products and production facilities. For some, this is more a marketing issue or a potential cost saving. For us, it means a whole-hearted commitment”, states Renzo Iuretigh, plant manager at Seven Refractories. “It goes without saying that we also have our recycling certificates in good order.”