Aoki Science Institute Co., Ltd.

See for yourself how electrostatic spray gives optimal coverage of Lubrolene WFR-EC die release agent

Demonstrations at GIFA 2015 on Ultraseal stand

The unique ability of Lubrolene WFR-EC electrostatically sprayed, water-free die lubricant to provide optimal coverage of die lubricant for even complex die moulds will be demonstrated at GIFA 2015 at the Ultraseal International stand.

Regular demonstrations of the electrostatic method of spraying on the die release agent will take place at the stand in Hall 11 F26 at the exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, from June 16-20.

Diecasters who switch from conventional water-based die lubricants to the Lubrolene WFR water-free series can save up to an impressive 85% of the whole-life cost of running die cast machinery.

This is principally because water-free die release agents cause far less thermal stress on the die mould, leading to much lower maintenance costs and a greatly extended life for the expensive die mould. In addition far less lubricant spray is required.

However the advantages do not stop at cost: the electrostatically sprayed Lubrolene WFR-EC in particular is growing in popularity because of its ability to provide good cover for complex die moulds.

At GIFA the Aoki Science Institute of Japan, which developed the Lubrolene series of die release agents, and Ultraseal International, the European Partner for Lubrolene, will demonstrate its effectiveness.

Tim Butler, Head of Special Projects at Ultraseal International, said: “Electrostatically sprayed Lubrolene WFR-EC is ideally suited to casting complicated parts because the “wraparound effect” of the electric field attracts the die release agent into all recesses of the die mould.

“The efficiency with which Lubrolene WFR-EC can be applied shortens cycle times and results in a superior coverage of die lubricant and an excellent quality casting.”

On the stand Ultraseal will demonstrate the capabilities of WFR-EC by using a robot to spray a mould that has a variety of recesses, including very small gaps. The thickness of the film will then be measured.

Ultraseal International is based in Coventry, UK, and has a global reach, exporting to 35 of the 50 countries with an automotive sector. With Joint Ventures in China and India, an office in Japan, an operation in the United States and a network of 22 agents/distributors around the world, it is renowned for the design and manufacture of Vacuum Impregnation equipment and porosity sealants that together offer a reliable and permanent solution to porosity – tiny holes – in cast metal parts.

German speakers will be available on the stand.