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Solar process heat

GoGaS solar process heat THERMPROCESS

Approximately 2/3 of the total energy consumption in industrial enterprises is charged for process heat. In recent years, technologies have been developed for solar heat generation and storage that in combination with higher prices for conventional energy sources create the prerequisites for the interaction that solar thermal energy is used economically in many companies.

Through the increased promotion of the MAP program to 50% of the investment costs, the amortization periods have shortened further. The for many years to come well-calculated heat rates of a solar thermal system can lead to competitive advantages, especially in energy-intensive businesses in medium- and long terms. Primarily in the field of solar air technology, there is great potential. The low production costs, easy installation and the unproblematic operation of the systems allow the use of solar air technology for processes not only for new plants but also for retrofitting.

The free heat from the sun usually completes the heat generation with conventional energy sources such as natural gas, heating oil, district heating or electricity and thus reduces operating costs. It is not mandatory that the entire process heat demand is met by the solar thermal system. After several carried out RETScreen simulations, the solar air system LUBI Wall works with an exceptionally high efficiency of 73.8%.

Applications of solar air technology:
- Preheating of combustion air for processes
- Drying processes for lacquer handling
- Retained water drying
- Food drying
- Biomass drying
- Sewage sludge drying
- Harvest drying
- Wood drying/Pellet production
- Woodchips drying
- Breeding of young animals
- Fresh air in stables

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