Stangl Technik GmbH

Stamping of machine-readable Data Matrix code

Data Matrix stampin

Stangl Technik presents its new Data-Matrix Stamping Machine for continuous casting and rolling mill products.

The existing line of alpha-numerical stamping machines will be complemented by a new version that is able to stamp machine readable codes into hot and cold surfaces.

The new machine is designed especially for uneven and scaly surfaces such as the torch-cuts of continuous casting products. It produces large-size and highly visible markings.

Stamping is possible at very high temperatures, requires no additional materials and the marked codes are extremely durable. This sets it apart from other marking techniques, e. g. paint markings or printed labels.

The two-dimensional Data-Matrix code is camera readable and an industry standard. Its built-in automatic error detection makes misreadings virtually impossible. Even partially damaged codes may remain legible due to built-in redundancies.