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Italian tailor made products have no boundaries: TES (TRANSFORMER ELECTRO SERVICE), an innovative Italian company that has produced for decades high-power transformers for the steel sector and is the absolute leader in electrical engineering, has signed a new contract with Iran for the opening of a new 170 t steelworks, rewarding the skills of Italian technicians with no hesitation.

The steel sector recognizes the extensive know how of the company, which, thanks to the proven advanced technology and the experience gained in the construction of electric arc furnace /EAF) transformers operates worldwide with the design, construction, testing, commissioning and maintenance of furnace three-phase transformers with power even higher than 200 MVA and primary voltage up to 132 KV.

There are few companies that can meet similar requests, but Turkey (consultant), Iran (customer and location of the plant) and Germany (Main Contractor) have no doubts: TES has been chosen for the supply, which consists of three major elements including a 170 MVA electric arc furnace transformer, a 38.8 Mvar three-phase reactor for EAF and a transformer for finishing furnace.

The Pasargad plant is just one of the many challenges that TES staff faces every day in the electrical sector, winning the niche that initially was reserved for multinationals and now is passed to this more stream-lined private company that is more flexible and rapid in the management of the entire production chain of power and special transformers.

Of course designing and building a customized system with the characteristics of the plant that today TES can supply requires analytical and specific expertise in the processes and the steel sector.

The study and design of a transformer requires considering the high secondary currents necessary for the melting process and the wide range of secondary voltages, normally adjusted by an under-load transformer, either placed directly on the high voltage winding or through an intermediate transformer placed inside the same box. An additional option now widely used in furnace transformers is closing the secondary electric circuit inside the transformer box, and the customer Pasargad chose this option. Furnace transformers are also often used in series with a reactor set at under-load or loadless, which serves to improve arc stability.

In-depth expertise in the field and continual investments in research and development are required to build a customized system that takes into account all the variables and the specifications of each job.

In this brilliant case the know how has been gained over the years: since its establishment as plant service and maintenance for the steel industry from which it derives (ASO Siderurgica), TES has been able to solve the problems associated with the use of transformers, becoming a manufacturer of power and special transformers with up to and over 200 MVA power.

The three-phase transformer for electric arc furnace EAF that has been designed and built for Iran is at least 30% bigger than the world typical size and ensures high efficiency, a variable that is too often overlooked but which greatly affects the plant performance and repays in five years the initial extra-investment (the difference between the cost of a standard efficiency transformer and a high efficiency one) due to such high power systems. The yield of good construction transformers which operate at full load is always high, even more than 99.5% for high power machines, as in the case of this TES supply.

The technical characteristics of the plant demonstrate the exceptional performance that the powerful transformer can offer: 170 MVA three-phase power, 34.5 kV primary voltage and 746-1380 V secondary voltage, 18-position under-load transformer, delta/internally closed delta connection, 92.46 kA secondary current, amounting to a total equipment of 180,000 kg.

Businesses like this Italian company, which, in 13 years, has reached and overtaken its historical competitors, can meet the real customer needs in Italy and worldwide. Needs that change continuously because of the competitiveness in which the steel companies now operate, having to face a huge increase of electricity need that characterizes the processes due to margins and to production cycles and delivery time that reduce progressively.

Now many countries in the world and utilities require this specialized and technologically advanced approach.

TES major customers include DANIELI, SMS SIEMAG, SIEMENS VAI, ABS, FERALPI, ENEL, EDISON, TENOVA, FUCHS, CVS, CONCAST, RFI, etc, and the level of customer satisfaction is clear: TES has been awarded, among other things, the prestigious nomination for “The Siemens VAI 2011 Supplier Stars”.

And also thanks to TES (TRANSFORMER ELECTRO SERVICE), which has made flexibility and research its strengths, helping to reaffirm today the leadership of Italian supplies in the steel sector, where safety and continuity are the first and incontrovertible needs, Italy consolidates its role as the main exporter of high quality electro-technical products throughout the world.

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