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The Latest-generation Low Pressure Casting Machine


   The Latest-generation Low Pressure Casting Machine

A Sharp Weapon to Acquire the High-performance and                            Low-cost Aluminum Castings

  1. New-type digital-controlled servo hydraulic system makes the movements smooth and fast, the driving energy consumption decreased to above 70%.

  2. New-type composite ceramic bottom-immersion heating holding furnace has advantages of not-stick aluminum, alloy-liquid oxidation decreased to above 50%, improved heat preservation performance, greatly improved al-liquid quality, good temperature uniformity and heating energy consumption decreased to above 30%.

  3. It can save electric charge of above CNY 80-120 Thousand yearly with adopting the above mentioned two technologies.

  4. New-type mold comprehensive cooling system of high-efficiency and high-precision improves the producing capacity of above 15% and casting performance greatly.

  5. High-precision digital liquid-level pressurizing control system can easily meet the filling requirement of the most complex castings.

  6. With high reliability and optimizing design, elaborate manufacturing, makes the long-term unceasing operation in low cost and fault-free.

  7. Self-diagnose function may help customers to find and solve the fault quickly.

  8. Realize senior management, network control and ERP integration of the casting parameters.

  9. Contact with the automatic catcher, automatic sand core placing device, automatic products conveyor and other peripheral equipments to realize completely integrated automation system.

  10. The casting cost can be further reduced in conjunction with the new-type Degassing Ladle developed by our company.