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Zirconium Oxide, Zirconia Powder, Zycron or ZrO2 and Aluminum Oxide, Alumina or Al2O3. Regardless of the Name, Zircoa is the Source for High Quality, Innovative Products

Properties and Nature of Our Zirconium Oxide, Specialty Refractory Products and Engineered Ceramics

Zircoa produces its own Zirconium Oxide. Our comprehensive understanding of this material and its use in the production of: other ceramics and refractories, opacifiers, electronics, sensors, abrasives, catalysts, ceramic color, high temperature filler and insulation, electronic ceramics wear resistant products and zirconium metal production, provides us the opportunity to answer some of the questions frequently asked during initial inquiries.

Properties of Our Zirconium Oxide (Zirconia)

Zirconium Oxide is one of the most versatile advanced ceramic materials commercially available today. It resists high temperatures, corrosion, wear and impact. It is chemically inert in the presence of most substances, even at elevated temperatures. Zirconium Oxide (zirconia) also has unique electrical properties including the ability to generate an electromotive force (EMF) in the presence of an oxygen differential.

Nature of Zircoa’s Specialty Refractory Products

Zircoa designs specialty refractory products to address severe industrial applications - especially where resistance to high temperature, corrosion, and erosion are required. Zircoa specialty refractories remain chemically inert at temperatures up to 1300°C and keep their structure even above 2400°C. Zircoa specialty refractory withstand temperature changes (thermal shock) as rapid as room temperature to 1540°C in 30 seconds. They resist erosion and spalling in the presence of caustic slag and harsh alloys; they endure repeated thermal cycles from room temperature to 1300°C.

Zircoa produces specialty refractories in a variety of compositions - all partially stabilized, for example, with calcia or magnesia.

Nature of Zircoa’s Engineered Ceramics

Zircoa engineered (technical) ceramics meet the challenges of many industrial applications that cannot be addressed with metals or other advanced ceramics. Zircoa engineered ceramics resist wear and high impact. They withstand corrosive attack by molten metal, organic solvents, caustics, and acids. They endure prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures even under severe mechanical stress.