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Offering products and services to improve quality and cost-effectiveness of diecast metal parts

Ultraseal International, the specialist in Vacuum Impregnation with porosity sealants, is to exhibit at GIFA 2015 with, for the first time, its renowned job processing shop in Germany, Sterr & Eder Industrieservice GmbH.

The ‘Ultraseal family’ will be at the show in Düsseldorf, Germany from June 16th – 20th to showcase the ways in which it can help diecasters to improve both the quality and cost-effectiveness of their castings.

Porosity – the microscopic holes that form in cast metal parts during the diecasting process itself – has long been a bane of diecasters worldwide as it can create leak paths that cause a part to fail under pressure.

Vacuum impregnation with porosity sealants is a reliable and permanent solution and Ultraseal has a proud history of pioneering innovations including the introduction of recycling sealants such as Rexeal 100™.

Recycling sealants are becoming more and more popular because they offer significant cost and environmental advantages without compromising on performance: they use less chemical, less water and produce less wastewater. Rexeal 100™ is effective at temperatures of up to 220°C (428°F).

With its unrivalled expertise in casting sealant technology and pedigree of innovation in the design of equipment – Ultraseal International was first to market with fully automatic, front-loading Vacuum Impregnation machines – the company has a truly global reach and a multitude of global approvals for its products and processes from automotive OEMs and Tier One suppliers.

Ultraseal International is expanding its network of job processing shops and its recent acquisition, Sterr & Eder Industrieservice GmbH, will share its stand. Based in Velden, near Münich, the company carries out a range of post-casting services including Vacuum Impregnation, shot-blasting, fettling, de-burring, and X-ray analysis, mainly for the automotive supply chain.

Ultraseal International can also offer customers in Europe the huge cost benefits of using the Lubrolene series of water-free die release agents which can save up to 80% of the total running costs of a typical 800 ton die-casting machine when compared to conventional water-based die lubricants.

A representative of the Aoki Science Institute of Japan – which developed the lubricants – will be at the Ultraseal stand. Ultraseal holds exclusive European distribution rights for Lubrolene.