Resistant to changing temperatures

Vermicular iron castings for commercial vehicles and the railway industry

© 2015 ACO Guss GmbH

© 2015 Markus Steur / ACO Guss GmbH

A new system with an automated wire-treatment machine now offers the process safety required for the production of vermicular graphite iron (CGI).

The material is primarily suitable for castings which are heavily burdened due to increased temperatures and temperature fluctuation. Due to weight savings of up to 15% as opposed to grey cast iron, vermicular graphite iron is also used increasingly in lightweight construction. This is becoming more and more important, for example in motor vehicle engineering because a lighter vehicle normally has lower fuel consumption, thus causing less emission. CGI is also an interesting material for mechanical engineering: e.g. if it is a question of accelerating moved masses fast and then bringing them to a standstill again.

The new wire-treatment machine convinces ecologically with its improved environmental, safety and working conditions at ACO Guss in Kaiserslautern.

Source: ACO Guss GmbH