Sermas Industrie

World's fastest band-saw for billets: performance+energy savings

High-speed band-saw for small & large billets

Based on experience and market demands, Sermas has developed different billet saws, designed to bring substantial rise in productivity.
With a typical cutting rate at 2750mm/min [= output of 1 billet every 11 seconds for 250mm-diameter billets] those robust and reliable machines can be integrated in workshops with a minimum of civil work.
The engineered concepts of the machines allow cutting billets with low-energy use and low cutting-oil consumption.
The result is an ultra-precise cut with the following data
- Squareness: from ± 0,2 to 0,5
- Thickness: ± 1 mm
- Roughness: Ra ≤ 4 µm

Advantage of the technology: High cutting capacity - surface roughnesss – limited quantity of chips

Benefits of the machine and service: integration into existing plant/process, turnkey project, operator safety, process optimization, formation, energy saving.

Products to be cut: Aluminium billets: 12, “18 to 16” / Length: “2 to 18”

Associated equipment / supply package:

- Upstream storage
- Conveyor
- Stamping device
- Chips suction system and compacting press
- Unloading robot
- Weighing
- Palletizing
- Wropping
- Chips press