Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yizumi is Selected as Key Hi-tech Enterprises of China Torch Program 2014

Recently, China Torch High Technology Industry Development Center has officially released the list of Key Hi-tech Enterprises of China Torch Program 2014, which includes 621 companies in total. Yizumi is the only company in its industry that is on the list.China Torch Program is a directional plan for the development of hi-tech enterprises. It is implemented by Torch High Technology Industry Development Center under Ministry of Science and Technology and aimed at promoting the commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of hi-tech achievements. Torch Center also selects Key Hi-tech Enterprises of China Torch Program every three years. The identified enterprises are required to have strong capability in R&D and technological innovation, and their main products should hold a leading position in terms of technology. Meanwhile, the sales revenue of hi-tech product should account for at least 60% of the company’s annual sales. Industry experts say that the qualification of Key Hi-tech Enterprise of National Torch Program often becomes the access to tender for government procurement and major commercial procurement projects. Being selected as “Key Hi-tech Enterprise of China Torch Program” is a definite demonstration of Yizumi’s strength.

Since establishment in 2002, Yizumi has adhered to its mission—to facilitate Chinese machine technology keeping pace with the world—and developed four main product lines: injection molding machine, die casting machine, rubber injection machine and high-speed packaging system as the framework of its business layout. With a Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Provincial Enterprise Engineering Center and Postdoctoral R&D Center, Yizumi so far has developed into one of the most competitive and promising large equipment service providers in China, one of China’s largest equipment manufacturers, National Hi-tech Enterprise and China Torch Program Implementation Unit. As a company with core independent intellectual property rights, Yizumi has undertaken several national, provincial and municipal key science-technology programs and conducted relevant national and industry standards. In recent years, Yizumi has broken away from traditional R&D mode, introduced IPD and built an integrated product development management system that is market-based and customer needs-driven. In addition, Yizumi has launched two-platen injection molding machines, all-electric injection molding machines, magnesium alloy molding machines and other high-end technical innovations.

The honor of “Key Hi-tech Enterprise of China Torch Program” that Yizumi receives is full recognition of its capacity for independent innovation. Yizumi will continue to lay emphasis on technical innovation and the implementation of technical achievement industrialization, strengthen market competitiveness and make more contribution to the development of injection molding machine, die casting machine and rubber injection machine industries.