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Additive manufacturing for cars: From prototyping to serial components


With new technologies, 3D-printing becomes much more viable
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What shapes the future in castings


These five trends are important for foundries in 2019
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Photo: Chris Ried, Unsplash

Why cyber security is important to the industry


Viruses threaten businesses by espionaging or deleting files. But: There are ways to stay safe.
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How more efficient logistics network the future


Swisslog’s concept for smart cities
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How Salzgitter AG intends to avoid greenhouse gases in the future


Hydrogen instead of carbon with SALCOS
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How Primetals makes industry even smarter


The smart factory of the future
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Additive manufacturing: Cheaper, faster, better?


Additive manufacturing has been gaining in importance in the industrial sector for around ten years now. Sintering processes, new FDM technologies and printers the size of entire warehouses have developed from what once were small Cartesian printers. In the meantime, technology is regarded as a kind of panacea in many industries - but this technology is not going to be for some time yet.
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Photo: Eddie Kopp,

Virtual Reality: Industry with new eyes


Virtual Reality itself is an old story: Already in the 1980s, this technology wanted to take off. However, the right technology was simply not available yet. Today it is different. VR Glasses can be used in production environments. This thus allows the industry to benefit from the new technology.
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Ant Rozetsky

How punitive tariffs threaten the international metal trade


The United States of America has been imposing punitive tariffs on steel and aluminium imports since the beginning of June. The European industry is annoyed by the so-called 'trade war' and wants a prompt solution from politicians. The EU wants to respond to US President Trump with appropriate countermeasures - however, he will not be deterred.
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Automated storage systems: Cost savings through more efficient supply chains


How new technology, connected devices and high-tech robots help with a high ROI - and how it helps your company
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