The Bright World of 3D

GIFA 2015: The 3D revolution goes around the world

Metal working continually takes on new forms. Currently, a future-oriented production technology is finding its way into the factories: 3D printing! Messe Düsseldorf has dedicated itself to this new development under the umbrella of the brand 3D fab+print. Hereunder, all solutions from the area of additive production processes for metal working are united at GIFA.

3D technology provides the industry with new impulses

3D print processes not only offer the foundries completely new opportunities: For example in model and mould making, to quickly produce high-quality cast metal in small and medium batch sizes in an economical way. The rational on-demand production methods also open up completely new business models with significant growth potential for metalworking companies as well as the architecture or engineering sector. 3D fab+print is a guide and orientation point for this as well within the scope of GIFA.

Well-prepared for the competition – with 3D fab+print and GIFA

Additive production procedures such as 3D printing are becoming more significant in the production of complex end products. Whether in aerospace, medical technology, the automotive industry, the consumer goods industry or in tool construction – using the 3D process, almost anything can be recreated according to a digital plan. Layer by layer, and millimetre by millimetre, a high-precision quality product emerges. In this way, even geometries, which could hardly be produced previously, can be realised. GIFA covers the whole process spectrum of additive layer technologies for this exciting future topic – just as the topics rapid manufacturing or rapid tooling, CAD/CAM software and metal substrates right up to laser technology.