The Bright World of Die Casting

GIFA and NEWCAST 2015: Die casting to perfection

Filigree structures from a single mould are a domain of the modern die casting procedure. In this manner, it is possible to produce components in large quantities, with high quality and precision, in an economical way. Here, GIFA in connection with NEWCAST as the most important leading trade fair offers excellent orientation opportunities. The entire innovation field along this added value chain is present here:
GIFA impresses with state-of-the-art die casting machines and procedures. And NEWCAST supplements this exhibition optimally with a wide range of top-class die-cast products, including the whole range of state-of-the-art precision casting products. These are the visible result of high-quality casting technology.

With high pressure to good results

Lightweight construction, flexible batch sizes, hybrid components are top themes, which are currently driving forward the developments surrounding the added value chain of die casting.
It is not only here that the trade fairs support casters in the selection of high-performance tools and procedures.

First-class die casting technology for vehicles

In vehicle construction – for road, rail, water and air – the substitution of heavy lead parts with light metal structural components is leading the way. This mega trend opens up completely new business models with significant growth potential to die casters. GIFA and NEWCAST are the leading market and technology platforms at the same time – for developers, suppliers and buyers. Here, you can see the most innovative and excellent cast products in the sector.

Optimally prepared for the competition

Automation and robots have also long made their way into the foundry: Fully automated die casting cells, casting machines, modern automatic complete-islands, handling robots, as well as innovative modular systems.
With automated die casting, producers have the required flexibility today and in addition, productivity is also increased. This is an important driver for increasing opportunities in international competition. GIFA and NEWCAST present technical solutions here that are economically feasible.