AIC, Odolo, Italy

AIC gets final acceptance certificate in Siderperu, Gerdau group

AIC has successfully accomplished the roughing shear revamping project in Siderperu, Tren 2, located in Nuevo Chimbote, Ancash/Peru and received the final acceptance certificate. The job consisted in replacing the complete automation and power control of the start/stop roughing shear installing a Siemens Simotion technology after a previous successful project regarding the cooling bed entry shears commissioned on last October, as to confirm the good job done at that time. The roughing shear has been brought from an AC motor and drive configuration to a DC configuration using SIEMENS Sinamics DCM drive to reuse a dc motor existing in plant and to improve cuts precisions. The collaboration started last year between Siderperu and AIC has been so strengthened with this job.

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AIC, Odolo, Italy