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A new technology for a fast-growing market: EMG SOLID® for electrical steel QA

Pigment-based electrical steel coatings (core plate varnishes) have two main functions. Firstly, they provide electrical insulation, which is essential to prevent current leakage or arcing between different layers of transformer sheet. This ensures the safe and efficient operation of electrical equipment. Secondly, these varnishes provide a protective layer on the surface of electrical steel, helping to prevent corrosion and rusting. This is important for electrical steel, which is often used in harsh environments that can be corrosive.
Consequently, the determination of the coating layer thickness and its changes and deviations from specified values over the entire strip length is a quality feature that has a decisive influence on the profitability of the producer.
EMG SOLID® DFT (Dry Film Thickness) measures the coating layer thickness reliably with high accuracy.

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