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Hydnum Steel, Spain’s first green steel plant, trusts Russula for sustainable production solutions

Russula will be responsible for the engineering design and technical management of Hydnum Steel, the first plant in Spain, and one of the first in Europe, designed to produce green steel. In addition, Russula will provide the water treatment solution, leveraging know-how acquired from thirty references in the metals industry for steel and aluminum. Water treatment and conservation is a field where the company has been a frontrunner in developing innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions.

Hydnum Steel is a next generation steel plant that will be built in Puertollano, Spain. It will be the first plant on the Iberian Peninsula, and one of the first in Europe, designed to produce green steel using non-fossil energies.

The project will be undertaken in several phases. In the first phase, the plant will produce 1.5 M tons of hot coil from scrap and reduced iron (DRI). Commissioning is scheduled for 2026. To this end, it will progressively incorporate green hydrogen into the production process, which will substantially reduce CO2 emissions.

The planned €600 million green steel mill will generate 400 direct jobs in the first phase. Hydnum Steel will produce hot-rolled coils to supply the domestic and European markets.

Russula is at the forefront of developing technologies for this new generation of digital and fossil-free plants, applying all the knowledge acquired from more than three and a half decades of collaboration with the world's leading steel and aluminum producers. It is a privilege for Russula to be part of the team that will make this ambitious project a reality.

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