Sistem Teknik Industrial Furnaces Ltd.

Lowering the impact: Gränges is ready for commissioning its latest casthouse

Gränges is investing in a new melting line at its plant in Tennessee and has chosen Sistem Teknik as its project partner. The turnkey project includes a double-chamber furnace, a scrap charging car, a tiltable holding furnace, and a complete chimney system. Gränges aims for low-impact production by integrating innovative furnace technology and automation capabilities, resulting in the reduction of emissions and energy recovery. Sistem Teknik's new furnace design includes an electromagnetic pump, a door seal mechanism that stabilizes furnace pressure and reduces fuel consumption, and a retractable thermocouple. The project marks Sistem Teknik's first multi-chamber furnace in the United States. Double-chamber technology is preferred for the advantages it brings in terms of metal and heat recovery during the aluminum recycling process. The project reflects Gränges' commitment to sustainability and simplifying the maintenance process.

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